Tabula 189

Distilling the Beauty
of Hardwood

The grace of the grain. The intimate beauty and unique personality of each plank. There is nothing quite like the perfect wood floor. At Listone Giordano, we understand wood, and create floors and walls that instantly give your home a sense of character that's perfectly suited to your taste, and adapts seamlessly to your changing lifestyle.

Created by Margaritelli, the world renowned leader in meticulously crafted, premium Italian wood since 1904, Listone Giordano products represent an enduring commitment to quality, innovation, and fine Italian craftsmanship that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

What's more, we're backed by an international reputation for producing a product as elegant and sophisticated as it is dependable, and a lifetime warranty.

Harnessing Nature's Beauty

Working alongside Professor Guglielmo Giordano, founder of Italy's National Institute of Wood History, Margaritelli developed an innovative method to control wood's natural movement while harnessing all its natural beauty. This method employs a complex system that works to increase stability, battle environmental changes, and assure that our products last through the ages.

Green Initiative

Listone Giordano and all Margaritelli products are eco-friendly, only sourcing materials from suppliers who employ sustainably managed forestry practices. Additionally, all of our products improve thermal efficiency and are non-toxic and solvent-free.

To further explore our commitment to eco-friendly sustainability, see our Certifications.

Listone Giordano is a proud sponsor of the Guggenheim Museum.