Listone 125, Morado, X-plus


The Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification identifies products containing wood originating from forests that have been managed in a correct and responsible way, according to strict environmental, social, and economical standards.

The forest of origin has been controlled and evaluated in line with these standards (principles and guidelines of good forestry management), set and approved by the FSC by means of participation and accord among the interested parties.

The FSC is an international, independent, and non-profit NGO which includes among its members: environmentalist and social groups, autochthon communities, forest-owners, wood-working and trading companies, and scientists and technicians who team up to improve forest management worldwide. The group FSC-Italy operates in harmony with the international Forest Stewardship Council's objectives and mission.

The FSC has been set up with the purpose of certifying the eco-sustainable forestry management from an ecological, social, and economical point of view. The FSC is the one and only standard of certification incorporating environmental and social standards in forestry administration.

Forestry management actions certified by FSC standards are based on the accurate monitoring of a forest on a detailed management plan involving all interested parties. The felling of trees and consequential processing of logs is accurately and carefully performed to minimize the impact on the ecosystem and prevent social conflict. In the future, the achievement of a fully compatible system will be possible. Wooden products manufactured according to this system are granted the FSC certification as a guarantee of an eco-friendly, quality product.

Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification

The certification obtained by the production plant in Miralduolo (PG) certifies that Listone Giordano purchases and processes certified raw materials according to the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) standards.

The application of regulations within the technical document signed by North European wood manufacturers testifies that Listone Giordano contributes to the safeguard of original forestry ecosystems and does so by using raw materials originating from North European forests managed in an eco-friendly manner, and whose origin is assured and verifiable thanks to a certified PEFC Custody Chain.

PEFC is an independent non-profit international organization, whose aim is to promote the eco-sustainable management of forests on every level, and to contribute to the improvement of the image of wood manufacturers.

This goal is pursued thanks to eco-friendly forestry management and a system of traceability of wooden products through the various processing stages of raw material into finished products. Today, PEFC International accounts for more than 46 million hectares of certified forestry worldwide.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

Environmental Management System Certification

Listone Giordano Italia has implemented a Company-management system aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the production plant on the surrounding area.

Conformity with these standards guarantees correct administration of all the various aspects related to production activities that could have significant environmental impact (emissions into the atmosphere, sewage, industrial waste, noise pollution, etc.).

UNI ISO 9001

This international certificate acknowledges that the Listone Giordano factory in Miralduolo (PG) conforms to the administration system requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 standard regarding the manufacture of hardwood flooring for interior application.

It particularly guarantees:

  • that the products are in conformity with the quality standards demanded by its customers;
  • an enhancement of customer satisfaction achieved through a constant improvement of the business administration.

This certification stands for the level of excellence achieved by the Listone Giordano Group in the field of manufacturing, as well as for the attention the company paid to its customers' needs and wants.

OHSAS 18001:1999

Health and Safety Management System Conformance Certification.

Listone Giordano Italia has obtained the certification of conformity to the decree OHSAS 18001:1999 for the industrial plant of Miralduolo.

Listone Giordano Italia has implemented a system of business administration, which guarantees a strict conformity to hygiene and security laws and is aimed at continuously improving its performances.

CE Certification

Listone Giordano strictly complies to all CE rules and regulations.