Helpful Hints

Wet Spills

Immediately clean up any food, alcohol, sweet liquids, and any other wet spills before they dry and stick. Wipe them with a well-wrung, damp cloth, then spray the soiled area with a wood floor cleanser and mop clean.

Crayon, Shoe Marks, and Other Fatty or Oily Substances

Spray wood floor cleanser on a cloth and wipe the soiled area. For stubborn stain, dab with ordinary white vinegar, let stand for 2 to 3 minutes, then wipe off, rubbing vigorously.

Chewing Gum, Candle Wax, Etc.

Cool the substance with an ice pack or ice cubs in a plastic bag, allowing it to harden or crumble. Remove what you can by hand or with a broom, then finish the job with a wood floor cleanser.

Severely Damaged Floorboards

In case of deep scratches or other major damages such as surface burns, the best solution is to replace the floorboard. This should only be done by a professional wood flooring installer.

Restoring the Floor

After a number of years, the floor surface is likely to show signs of wear in high traffic areas. Generally, the floor can be restored by applying a new superficial coat of finish. Re-coating the floor requires a professional wood-flooring contractor to make sure that the proper products and procedures are used. Should in-depth sanding and re-finishing be required, professional equipment and craftsmanship are necessary to ensure a quality result.