Plank 230, Cabreuva Km 31, Natif

Plank 230


Total thickness: 16 mm (5/8")
Hardwood top layer: 5 mm (3/16")
Width: 230 mm (9")
Random lengths: 1500-2400 mm
(5' to 7'9")


Like Plank 140 and 190, Listone Giordano's Plank 230 combines the old-style, casual comfort of wide planks with advanced flooring technology.

Plank 230 was developed for those who appreciate antique décor but who also require the reliability of a state-of-the-art wood floor.

Plank 230 comes in Elite, Cottage, Country and Fibramix wood grades.


  • Oak from Fontaines available in Natif (oil) finish
  • Cabreuva Km 31 available in Natif (oil) finish
  • Teak available in Natif (oil) finish