Reserve, Oak from Fontaines, Firenze 1299



Total thickness: 18 mm (7/10")
Top layer: 3.5 mm (1/12")
Birch multi-layer plywood: 14.5 mm (3/5")
Width: 190 mm (7 1/2")
Random lengths: 1900 mm (6' 1/5 ")


The Réserve collection uses the technique of hand-planeing, which gives the wood an organic, distinctive, and rough-hewn textural feel. We further accentuate the personality of this wood by intensifying the color palate with a blend of natural oils.

This collection is a lovely take on a timeless, artesian style, that doesn't compromise on structural stability and technological sophistication.


  • Oak Firenze 1299
  • Oak Venezia 1748
  • Oak Taormina 1410
  • Oak Siena 1348
  • Oak Mantova 1525

The oak first undergoes a special heating treatment to intensify the original color of the wood.


  • Natural Oil
    This product gets a vegetable oil finishing treatment, which deeply permeates the wood fiber accentuating and protecting its natural beauty.

Irregularity is what gives this collection its charm. Each individual board is in this style is unique as a result of the hand-planed treatment and the application of natural color pigments. Due to these factors, the surface of the boards may present signs of the passing of time. To avoid wear and tear, attention to cleaning and maintenance is required.